Welcome to Villa Carvella
Connecting tradition with new age philosophy

Through the past..

Our family has been living in Zakynthos since the 16th century during the period of venetian domination of the island. The family Crest {insert logo}, nowadays found in the cultural Museum of Solomos, depicts a dove, promoting the value of peace. We have traditionally been ambassadors of peace and we aim to be ambassadors of hospitality and wellbeing. the future

We consider the Villa as an extension of our natural environment. The materials we used for reconstruction are exclusively made by a company ( that uses nature in the raw and the wisdom of ancient Roman traditions to create materials with impressive natural behavior and superior aesthetics. We share one common belief: The quality of the environment effects the quality of life.

Furthermore, we took some extra care in the quality of your dreams! We believe that a good sleep is essential for our wellbeing and therefore we chose COCO-MAT ( as the supplier of our beds and pillows. The company creates innovative sleep products made with natural materials.

Your stay in Villa Carvella will offer you a unique Earthing experience and the unique feeling of connection to nature, a safe way to achieve true balance of body and mind!